We provide services that give our partners advantages and savings in the procurement or distribution of their products.


Wiechers & Helm Group is a traditional Hamburg-based foreign trade company. We work for our customers and suppliers in various business areas.

We provide services that give our partners advantages and savings in the procurement or distribution of their products.

We are currently offering our services in the following fields of business:

  • Export and transit of chemical raw materials to Latin America and Asia
  • Consolidation and export of pharmaceutical raw materials to Africa and Latin America
  • Trade with ultra-pure quartz raw materials and semi-finished products
  • Export of technical equipment and spare parts
  • Consolidation and export of spices, herbs and other natural products

Our customers and suppliers, as well as the public, expect our company to act responsibly and lawfully in every respect.

Every single employee of the WIECHERS & HELM Group is committed to this expectation. Our actions are aligned in every respect with the applicable legal standards in order to avoid violations of the law.

Our Compliance Policy is integrated into our management system.

Read here our policy statement to respect human rights and protect the environment according to the requirements of the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains (GACDDSC).

We offer certified services.

Download ISO 9001:2015 certificate


Our organisation is open and flexible. In the past twenty years we have taken over and integrated several exporting companies. We wish to continue this tradition and are working to further secure new business opportunities.

The Wiechers & Helm Group is involved in the AGA Unternehmensverband (Employers Association for Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services in North Germany) and the Verein der Hamburger Exporteure e.V. (Hamburg Exporters Association).

We are members of

as well as in other associations.

Dr. Hans Fabian Kruse:

Managing Director

"Our current structure was forged by the past. Our experience is the source of our strength. Our services are determined by our customers. This is the basis of our future."


The service profile of the Wiechers & Helm group includes all the classic functions of an international trading house:

  • Acquisition of the required products and securing their delivery from Europe or the most suitable source
  • Representation of suppliers in special markets based on the necessary know-how and market experience
  • Execution of exports and imports fulfilling all legal and branch specific regulations
  • Consolidation of various items into combined shipments, reducing total costs while handling each operation with care
  • Documentation for each delivery, including special requirements like preshipment inspection and the provision of all necessary certificates
  • Financing of deliveries at favourable conditions on the basis of mutual trust

Examples of our worldwide activities include:

A merchants story

"Wagen und Winnen", which can be translated into "Risk and Win" is the basic philosophy of an overseas merchant. Dr. Hellmut Kruse, who has actively managed the Wiechers & Helm group for almost 70 years, describes his life as a 20th Century Hanseatic trader in his auto-biography of the same name.

Download a reading sample of the book „Wagen und Winnen“ by Dr. Hellmut Kruse