In 1954, Oswald Priess founded the company O. PRIESS & Co. Today the company operates two departments: OPC QUARZ and OPC CHEMIE.

OPC Quarz

We supply high quality raw materials and services to the industry. We are specialists in natural quartz, quartz sand and quartz glass:

  • Natural quartz
    For 50 years we have been supplying the industry with rock crystal and fused quartz (lascas). We have shipped about 1000t per year from our own mines in Madagascar, as well as from exclusive mines in Brazil and Angola. From "water-clear" to "crystal-growing" grades, OPC supplies the right qualities at competitive prices. Our market share proves the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Quartz sand
    OPC offers high purity sands from the USA, Japan, Brazil and Germany, to the quartz glass industry. We are agents and distributors for SIBELCO's Iota grades for specific markets and customer groups, as well as partners of the Watanabe Group in Europe. Our good contacts with suppliers and customers coupled with a flexible and efficient service are well known in this particular market.
  • Quartz glass
    As a purchasing or sales agent for semi-finished products such as quartz glass cylinders, blocks, rods, tubes and crucibles, we provide our clients with better supervision and first-class execution of their orders.
  • Specialities
    In our field, we will be happy to answer all your questions, whether it is about quartz spheres, calcite crystals or mica sheets. You will always get a quick and clear answer.

Happy to serve you.


We are specialized in the international supply of chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials for our clients in Latin America and Asia.

Our strengths are in the individualized composition of our services from the following activities:

  • Consolidation of shipments
  • International logistics
  • Preparation of Documents
  • Financing

Our long experience in procurement as well as sales to the international markets provides our customers with the assurances of a continuous supply, at competitive prices.


The company O. Priess & Co. was founded in 1954 by Oswald Priess. Today, the company is on the market with the business areas OPC QUARZ and OPC CHEMICALS.

Together with a business partner living in Brazil, Oswald Priess started exporting various industrial products to the "Cono Sur", the states of southern Latin America. With OPC Export, an efficient department for the foreign trade of technical products had developed from this over the years. However, the most important mainstay of Oswald Priess and his personal passion became the natural product quartz. He began by importing wooden crates full of pieces of fused quartz. Later, Oswald Priess brought the raw material from Angola and founded a mining company in Madagascar with partners. His knowledge of the product and his connections made him a sought-after sparring partner for producers and processors.

Since 1994 he passed his knowledge and passion for quartz to Dr. Hans Fabian Kruse, who is today responsible for the activities of OPC QUARZ.

In 2002 OPC O. Priess & Co. took over the Latin America export of the company Hermann Strack. As OPC CHEMIE, we concentrate on the transit trade with chemical raw materials.

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