OPC is a major supplier of quartz to the world market. We specialize in natural quartz crystals, quartz sands, as well as quartz glass products:


  • Natural quartz
    For 50 years we have been the world's leading supplier of both rock crystal and fusing quartz (Lascas). We have supplied thousands of tons per year from our own mines in Madagascar, as well as the exclusive agent for sales from mines in Brazil and Angola. From "water-clear" to "crystal-growing" grades, OPC offers a wide variety of natural quartz crystals for any application.
  • Quartz sand
    OPC offers high purity sands from the USA, Japan, Brazil and Germany, to the world quartz glass industry. We are a distribution agent for the IOTA Quartz from SIBELCO, as well as a general agent to the European market for the quartz products of the Watanabe Group. We maintain excellent contacts with the quartz sand producers, know their products, and can provide our customers with excellent service based upon our many years of experience.
  • Quartz glass products
    Acting as buying agent for semi-finished products like ingots, rods, tubes and crucibles, we provide our principals with better control, continuous monitoring, as well as competent handling of their orders. We act as sales representatives supporting factories in specific markets.
  • Specialities
    In our sector of the industry you can ask us for anything from crystal spheres to calcite crystals or mica sheets. If we do not have it, we will find it, and you can be assured of a rapid response.


OPC O. Priess is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

(Natural Quartz, Quartz Sand, Quartz Glass Products)


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Impressions of Quartz from Madagascar:

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Hidden in the jungle


Found by daring explorers


Transported over narrow and steep paths


Cleaned and assorted by careful hands


Stored under local conditions


Shipped by coastal vessels