1919 our company was founded by several Hanseatic Merchants under the name of "Van Pels & Wolff".


In 1928 Hellmuth Carroux became a partner. In 1942 he changed the company's name to "Hellmuth Carroux". From the very beginning, our main business was the import of raw materials, such us as Gum Arabic, Gum Traganth, Copal, Damar as well as medicinal herbs.


After the second World War, our company became one of the leading importers and distributors of "herbal drugs", such as medicinal herbs and spices. Additionally, we focused on the worldwide export of pharmaceutical raw materials and industrial chemicals.


Today we are specialists, supplying our partners all over the world with consolidated deliveries of the aforementioned raw materials at competitive prices.


Since early 1999 we became a member of the Wiechers & Helm Group, which allowed us to considerably expand our activities.

We run our own warehouse. As such we can react faster and be more flexible to the demands of our customers.



One of our storage areas