The Wiechers & Helm Group is a traditional Hamburg trading house, working for both our clients and suppliers in a variety of business areas.


We provide our business partners with a more advantageous and economical supply chain for the distribution of their products. We are currently offering our services in the following fields of business:


  • Export and transit of chemical raw materials to Latin America and Asia
  • Consolidation and export of pharmaceutical raw materials to Africa and Latin America
  • Trade with ultra pure quartz raw materials and semi-finished products
  • Export of technical equipment and spare parts
  • Consolidation and export of spices, herbs and other natural products


We provide attested service, here our certificate:



The Wiechers & Helm Group has taken responsibility within different trade related associations.


We are member of:


AGA Unternehmensverband.



( Employers Association for Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services in North Germany)



Verein der Hamburger Exporteure e.V.




(Hamburg Exporters Association)


as well as


and other Associations.